Kaolin Clay

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If you are looking for a reliable kaolin clay supplier in India, then One Zero Enterprises is the perfect option for you. Our mining company in India is capable of producing products on demand as per your industrial needs. One Zero Enterprises is known for its affordability and quality consistency.

Beyond Whiteness: A Spectrum of Possibilities

Our kaolin clay powder isn't just about exceptional whiteness; it's a symphony of properties waiting to be orchestrated. We offer various grades, tailored to your specific needs

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is a processed form of clay. Clay can be simple China clay, sandy clay, or potash clay. Kaolin clay is also known as washed China clay. In India, most companies are using the Hydrus method to manufacture kaolin. In this process, raw China clay is washed with the help of water, and the sedimentation process gives kaolin. The kaolin comes in cake form, which can be further ground into powder form.

Kaolin Clay Powder in India

Kaolin clay powder comes in different particle sizes and whiteness. India has many manufacturing units, but One Zero Enterprises is the most advanced supplier of Kaolin clay powder in India. We provide the best kaolin clay powder at an affordable price to our clients.

Sustainability: From Earth to You

One Zero Enterprises believes in responsible stewardship of our planet. We are your trusted mining industry in India.If you have any queries or concerns regarding your kaolin clay requirement and want to know more about technical specifications, please feel free to contact our industry experts.