Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate Manufacturer in India

Elevating Calcium Carbonate to an Art Form

One Zero Enterprises is the leading calcium carbonate manufacturer in India. The formula for calcium carbonate is CaCo3. It is found in rocks around all the elements of the earth. It is the dominant component of the exteriors of marine animals like pearls, coal balls, and eggshells.

Unparalleled Quality Through Uncompromising Standards:

This chemical is used primarily in the industry, where it is mined or quarried. It is composed of the calcining of raw calcium oxide. H2O or water is combined to supply calcium hydroxide, and then carbon dioxide is yielded through this practice to precipitate the anticipated chemical, symbolized as Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 in the chemical industry.

Calcium Carbonate Suppliers in India

One Zero Enterprises is one of the best calcium carbonate suppliers in India, also known as the best mineral industry in India. This mineral is a ubiquitous compound found abundantly in nature. It plays a pivotal role in various industries and biological processes. This mineral is a major component of rocks like limestone and marble.

Application of Calcium Carbonate

  • Calcium Carbonate is used in PVC Pipe industry.
  • It is also useful in Rubber Industry as a filter.
  • Calcium Carbonate is used in Adhesives & Sealants Industry.
  • In Cosmetic Industry , calcium carbonate is used as a perfume extender.
  • It is also used in Paint Industry.