Dolomite Grains
dolomite grains supplier in India

Dolomite Grains in India

Your Source for Premium Dolomite Grains

One Zero Enterprises is a premier manufacturer and exporter of dolomite grains in India. Dolomite grains are pure white colour grains. We are manufacturing different sizes of dolomite grains. Dolomite grains are used in the Texture paint manufacturing industry.

Dolomite originates in sedimentary environments like warm, sandy places and shallow, saltwater environments. We maintain high-quality standards throughout the process of dolomite Grains. Dolomite grains are soft as compared to quartz. This is one of the best materials to give texture in paints. it is used in the paint manufacturing industry.

Dolomite Grains Supplier in India

One Zero Enterprises has become an affluent dolomite grains supplier in India. We offer a premium-quality range of dolomite grains, graded grains by quality. Its crystals from transparent to translucent, but in dolomite grain rocks these are translucent or nearly opaque. We are one of the best mining company in india. Dolomite grains are useful in various industries in India. It is useful for manufacturing in the paint industry to provide textures.

Following Industries we Serve:-

  • Ceramic
  • Paint
  • Wall Texture
  • Wall Putty
  • Cement Bricks
  • Agriculture
  • Steel
  • Rubber
  • ElectroGlass Industry