China Clay
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China Clay in India

Shaping the Future with China Clay

One Zero Enterprises is leading the industry as a top supplier of China clay in India. We extract, purify, and supply China clay to all specifications for our clients. Our unparalleled expertise and wide range make us the best kaolin clay supplier in India. This clay comes from the Kaolinite group of clays.

From Earth to Excellence

China Clay is composed of Al2O3, 2SiO2, 2H2O, and Hydrous Aluminium Silicate. We provide the best of the best China clay and known best China Clay supplier in India since our inception in the mineral industry.

China Clay Usage

China clay is the most versatile mineral. The physical and chemical properties of China clay make it a useful material for many industries. It is used as a primary content in the ceramic industry or as a filler in various industries. China clay is used in paint, paper, rubber, cosmetics, animal feed, pharma, latex, ink, ceramics, tableware, refractory materials, and toothpaste.

China clay is used as a filler ingredient due to its low oil absorption and chemically insensitive behavior. China clay usage is not limited to certain applications; it is constant Research and development are going on about its usage in many more industries.

China Clay Powder in India

A Commitment to Sustainability

One Zero enterprises offers high-quality China Clay Powder in India. This china clay powder is processed using high quality China Clay. If you looking for high quality china clay powder we are best option for you.